“A summer blockbuster masterpiece... as thrilling and jaw-dropping as Jurassic Park."

—Alissa Powers, NYT Best Selliing Author

Michael James’s Tyger is a harrowing story of survival and sacrifice in the jungle of Nepal.

Based on true events, the novel follows six friends exploring the Himalayas, only to find themselves trapped in a cabin at the mercy of a 400-pound Bengal tiger. With incredible detail and emotion, this story enthralls readers in the terrifying dynamic between predator and prey, and the impossible choices people make in order to survive.

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"The book is akin to Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, Yann Martel's Life of Pi, and Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner for their thoughtfulness, immersive qualities, and descriptive natures. This is absolutely worth the read, and it's a book I see myself turning back to."

McKenzie Tolzen, Lit Shark Magazine


"Tyger" captivated me from the first page, drawing me into the perilous jungle setting with prose that is evocative and haunting. This is a great read for anyone who loves thrillers that are as intellectually engaging as they are emotionally compelling

As the characters navigate the treacherous jungle, their decisions often reflect their deepest fears and values, adding a psychological depth to the physical challenges they face. The overall pacing successfully builds suspense as readers are left wondering what consequences the characters will face next.


Overall, "Tyger" offers readers a vivid escape into the wilds of the Nepal Himalayas while keeping them on the edge of their seats with the chilling thrill of the hunt. The novella is a powerful reminder of the delicate balance between human beings and the natural world, and the profound beauty and terror that can coexist in untouched wildernesses.

Tyger: A Story of Survival in the Jungle" by Michael James weaves the compelling theme of karma through its narrative, exploring its impacts on the lives of its characters within the dense, perilous jungle. The presence of the Bengal tiger, both as a predator and a symbol of the natural world, serves as a vehicle for his exploration of karma, asking the reader to contemplate the role of chance in their lives.

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The Impossible Choices People Make To Survive

A psychological thriller that juxtaposes the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas with the visceral terror of being hunted by a Bengal tiger

The Novel

In the heart of the jungle, where nature's laws reign supreme, six friends are about to encounter the wild in its most majestic and fearsome form. "Tyger" is a riveting tale of survival, where beauty and brutality collide.

Narrated by Richard Butterfield, noted Shakespearean actor and former Dean of the American Conservatory Theatre, this story comes to life in a award winning narration.

Soon to be a major motion picture in partnership with Branded Pictures Entertainment producers of Trial of the Chicago 7, The Kids Are Alright, Bottle Shock, and over fifty feature films.

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The tiger uses its paws to slam against the shed's wooden door, and each strike sounds across the night. I can hear the wood tearing as claws rip along the length of the door as it hunts the men inside. The large cat's claws are four inches long, comparable to the talons on prehistoric velo-raptor. They are bladed along a portion of its inside length and about as close to a surgical tool as one can find in nature. Once the door is down, these same assault weapons will become the most delicate scalpels and clamps, able to disembowel the porters’ organ by organ. I imagine that the strands of wood are being stripped away, inch by inch, a testament to the persistence and intelligence of this hunter. And when the last defense falls, when the door is no more, the night will be broken by screams, raw and full of primal terror, followed by a combination of growls, tearing flesh, and the final whimpers of dying men.

The breathing of the tiger, the muzzle brushing against the nylon as it moves slowly back and forth—the seconds slow into eternity. There is a sound of a stick cracking as the tiger moves. Annabelle pushes against me, and I wrap my arm around her head and pull her tight to my chest as if I can somehow protect her. We lie in the darkness, clinging onto each other, afraid to breathe, listening intently for the sound of the tiger's presence.

The fabric tearing is a sharp, ripping sound, a clear and sudden disruption in the quiet of the night. A sharp, piercing cry cuts through the air, the raw, unfiltered scream of extreme distress and the horror of a man waking to a lethal predator. The tent rustles back and forth, and sticks and twigs snap as something is dragged into the brush. Sometime later, a roar bounces off the rock walls of the valley, cutting through the air with an imposing resonance, a roar that fills the forest with the force of an ancient angry god.

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Michael James

For over two decades, Michael James has embarked on a relentless quest to discover this vast, intricate world. His journey has taken him far beyond the familiar confines of California, to the bustling streets of Manila, vibrant Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Sydney, Mumbai, Hannover, and back to dynamic Hong Kong.

Throughout his travels, Michael has had the extraordinary opportunity to immerse himself in some of the globe's most fascinating locales, often during pivotal moments. He spent a year living with an aboriginal tribe in the remote Northern Philippines and another year in the slums of Manila, gaining insights into lives vastly different from his own. His adventures in Nepal included being tracked by a Bengal tiger for four intense days and nights through the dense jungle. China, Myanmar, and Vietnam have also left their indelible marks on him, as did his time in Cambodia, where he navigated the post-Pol Pot era with the protection of 16 bodyguards. And then there’s India—a land of unparalleled magic and mystery.

As a keen observer of people, places, and events, Michael strives to transport his readers into the heart of his experiences through vivid, descriptive writing. Whether it's the depths of Nepalese jungles or the vibrant nightlife of Wanchai, Hong Kong, his goal is to make every story come alive. The world is vast, and our time to explore it is fleeting. There is so much to see and so little time to truly see it all.